What is it?

The Me & My Dad Series is a four week programme based around a 24hr 1-to-1 camp with you & your child.

It’s simple, effective and fun. It’s relaxed, friendly and informative. It’s designed to develop a long lasting better relationship between you and your child……and it works!

When is it?

The series runs through the summer months and is based around a simple format of:

Two x 90 minute gatherings – just for dads – in a local venue, one 24hr camp at Latimer Park & then a final evening for the dads in the local venue.

Who can attend?

Any father with a child (boy or girl) between the ages of 6 – 16yrs

Note: the children only attend the camp and places are limited to only one child per dad

What Can I Expect?

The three evening gatherings are designed to assist the logistics of the camp. They also provide a relaxed environment where some of the common issues of fathering are considered & discussed.

The 24hr camp is a fun and enjoyable experience with an informal programme and all meals provided. Various games and activities are run by other dads that help you to engage with your child and, most of all, time and space is created for you to get to know your child better and for them to get to know you without other distractions.

Who Runs the Me & My Dad Series?

This series is designed to strengthen fathering in local communities. Therefore the events will be run by other fathers who are usually connected to churches or other groups in your local area.

How Much Does it Cost?

The total cost per father and child is £50. This covers all meals, camp fees & activities

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